Your expert partner for safety management

SHE Software provides insight to implement and sustain an effective health and safety solution that reduces risk in the workplace. Our long term partnership builds on intuitive software configured to do what you need.

We have been delivering software solutions to a global customer base for 20 years and since its launch in 2013, our latest solution, Assure, is now trusted by 150 organisations with half a million users.  Our customers are people with legal or functional responsibility for complex or dispersed operations where traditional approaches to managing health & safety are no longer adequate.

We are established specialists in our field who are trusted and good to work with, as proven by our customer loyalty and rapid growth.

“I’ve reduced the time spent to review and communicate risk assessments from 600 hours (16 weeks) per annum to 79 hours.”

– Tuesday Hanley, Health and Safety Manager, Stoke on Trent College

Right Technical Fit

  • Complete out-of-the-box health & safety functionality with an exceptional level of configurability
  • Cleverly designed to keep the user experience simple
  • Each ‘Assure’ module works standalone but integrates powerfully with others to provide a complete solution
  • Enabled through configurability rather than customisation or bespoke solutions: the single instance of our software makes maintenance and development simpler and cheaper, and the software more robust and reliable
  • Accessible via any web enabled device – computer, tablet, phone
  • Fits all but the most specialist or bespoke requirements, satisfying the needs of 99% of customers
  • Supports compliance to RIDDOR, OSHAS 18001, and ISO 14001 standards

Software That Gets Adopted

  • A proven implementation approach ensures that our software is configured to your process and provides a complete and comfortable fit
  • An intuitive consumer style interface means that our software is embraced across your organisation
  • Prized by customers for our expert and friendly support both during initial implementation and on an ongoing basis
  • Successful implementation and reliable adoption removes one of the key risks of software investment – if it doesn’t get used it doesn’t add value
  • Our software gets used: 95% of our customers renew their contract every year

“We’ve been very pleased with the team at SHE Software in helping make sure the system provides what we need as a business. I would have no issues whatsoever in recommending SHE Software. They have delivered and continue to deliver, first class customer service.”

– Janice McCann, Group Health and Safety, Forth Ports Ltd

“SHE Software offered the opportunity to replace our paper based system. The robust product they provide automates the administrative burden of health and safety management, reducing time to carry out tasks. Clear comprehensive records ensure that claims are quicker and easier to support.”

– Nigel Clamp, Head of Safety, National Express

Supporting Your Growth

  • Modular solution, combined with high levels of functionality and configurability, adapts to your needs as they evolve
  • Robust corporate strength backbone hidden behind consumer style interface
  • Automatically updated behind the scenes to meet latest regulations, add new features and take advantage of useful changes in technology
  • Guided over a period of 17 years by our dialogue with experts across our customer base and User Group

Our Industry Partners


RoSPA are a registered charity committed to preventing accidents, all the while seeking to strike the right balance between prescription and individual choice. They promote safety and the prevention of accidents at work, at leisure, on the road, in the home and through safety education.


Safety Groups UK is the co-ordinating body for the network of local Safety Groups throughout the UK. Established in 1947, their aim is to promote health and safety by supporting a thriving national network of health and safety Groups.


ISO Quality Services Ltd is an independent organisation that specialises in the implementation, certification, training and continued auditing of ISO and BS EN Management Standards. They provide a simple, cost effective and no nonsense route to BS EN ISO certification.


The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) represents and supports its members and the industry as a whole, providing a base for discussion, training and standards that help to ensure the health and safety of operators and to develop a highly trained, fully-qualified workforce.


The Microsoft Partner Network is committed to helping more than 160 million mutual customers worldwide realize their full potential.