The Issues You Face

“The complexity of our organisation means we struggle to keep abreast of what is going on”

We have multiple locations, a dispersed workforce and/or complex operations. This makes it very difficult to keep abreast of our health and safety activities and performance across our organisation.

The challenges and difficulties we face include:

  • Multiple and uncontrolled copies of key documents
  • Delays and inconsistency in capturing information
  • Incomplete records
  • No means to track actions to completion


“Time spent firefighting inefficient processes prevents us promoting proactive health and safety”

We have a high admin burden: re-entering data; reworking incorrect records; searching for information; updating documents; manual reporting; chasing actions.

These issues mostly waste the time of health and safety professionals but they also affect employees, supervisors and senior managers. Managing health and safety can be seen as a chore, not a positive process.

We would rather free up that time to actively promote health and safety and improve the safety culture in our organisation.


“We struggle to share information and track activities: this undermines our safety culture”

We have lots of data, but it is hard to access, and may reside in multiple systems. As a result, it is hard to see overall trends or to provide people with timely information relevant to their day to day tasks.

It is a challenge to provide senior management with good visibility of our safety performance.

Our systems don’t encourage our employees to engage with health and safety – reporting unsafe acts, near misses, etc. Good practice does not easily get shared.


“We suffer avoidable incidents and struggle to defend claims even when we are not at fault”

We have a higher level of incidents than we should. It is not easy to conduct investigations or follow trends to see the underlying causes or to share lessons learnt and ensure that improvements are implemented.

We don’t reliably capture leading indicators such as unsafe acts or near misses so we are not as proactive as we should be.

Our organisation does not understand the value of improving safety as we don’t comprehensively capture the cost of incidents.

Claims can be difficult to defend as relevant information is missing or hard to assemble quickly.


“We can’t be sure we are compliant”

There is a lack of consistency in the way that different parts of our organisation approach health and safety.

We don’t have a central place to systematically capture key information such as training records, contractor insurances.

It is generally very hard to keep track and make sure we are doing what we should and following through on actions – it is difficult to provide assurance to senior management.

Since we would struggle to demonstrate robust processes, enforcement action and prosecution become more likely.


Your Concerns

Here at SHE Software, we engage with many customer organisations just like yours.

We understand and empathise with the issues and challenges you face – we have seen them many times before. We also understand that investing in a specialist health and safety software solution is a big step – you will need to promote the idea and make the case to your organisation: how can you ensure that the solution you choose will work and meet your needs?

  • Exploring your needs. To ensure that we thoroughly understand your organisation and requirements, we support you in your buying process with workshops and demonstrations configured by our Solutions Architects. These confirm that we can provide a solution that is a good and comfortable fit: if not, we are happy to let you know and, if appropriate, walk away.
  • Understanding the business case. A major hurdle to buying a health and safety solution can be securing the commitment of your wider organisation. Your SHE Software Business Development Manager will work with you, using bespoke Return on Investment tools, developed and used specifically for this purpose, to build a solid business case that demonstrates the positive impact and financial return that a software solution can deliver.
  • Supporting you in implementation. Software does not solve anything unless it is embraced by your organisation. Effective implementation can be challenging, but we have done it many times before and use robust project management tools along with sound judgement to make sure that you are not just left “holding the baby”.
  • A solution for the long term. After implementation, you probably don’t just want to be left to get on with it. Your needs will evolve over time and our solution will evolve with you – whether for new legislation or changes to your configuration. Unlike with bespoke or customised solution there are no hidden costs.

In short, you should see us as your long term partner. We pride ourselves on the fact we are established specialists in our field who are trusted good to work with.

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