Behavioural management software

Behavioural Management Software Module

Includes the following sub-modules:

  • Behavioural Safety Audit
  • Safe/Unsafe Observation Report
  • Aid transition to pro-active/generative safety culture
  • The safety software is configurable to fit in with your existing safety culture strategy
  • Involve the entire workforce
  • Link to Contractor Management module
  • Benchmark current status, track improvement and demonstrate progress
  • Report information consistently
  • Tablet PC/iPad enabled for mobile access and immediate reporting of observations
  • Our health and safety software enables comprehensive reporting

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We believe health and safety and, more specifically health and safety management, should be proactive not reactive

With the SHE Software Behavioural Management module you can record safe and unsafe observations. Using through pre-configured Behavioural Safety audit templates or edit/create your own audits and include the whole workforce in the process through the Safe and Unsafe Observation Reports.

With a suite of reports and graphs for analysis and evaluation, our health and safety management software will highlight areas of success and improvement, as well as new areas to target.

Involving the entire workforce is easy, via the Assure Portal or main system, anyone can complete a safe/unsafe observation report or an audit. In addition our new multi-browser compatibility enables on-site completion through tablet PC’s including Apple iPad.

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Available as part of the integrated Assure solution

This module can be purchased as part of a larger Assure integrated health & safety management software solution
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