Contractor Management Software

Contractor Management Software Module

Includes the following sub-modules:

  • Notification of Project
  • Pre-Construction Information
  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Approved Supplier/Contractor
  • Health and Safety File Preparation

The Assure Contractor Management software module helps you complete and maintain all relevant documentation under the Construction, Design and Management Regulations. It features editable question sets and can be tailored to fit current business processes in line with regulations. An ‘Approved Supplier and Contractor list’ assists in managing and maintaining compliance information such as supplier insurance and contractor training records.

Projects can be Notified – keeping track of Client, Designer, CDM Co-ordinator, Principal Contractor and Contractors appointed.

The Contractor Management software module can be combined with a dedicated Portal to allow contractors to view safety information, provide updates and attach liability insurance certificates.

  • Contractor visibility across your organisation
  • Easily maintained contractor employee information
  • Our HSE Contractor Management module has ready to use templates in line with CDM regulations
  • Action management ensures workflows are completed
  • Never miss a contractor review with our HSE CDM tool’s automated schedule reminder

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The Assure health and safety management software enables supervision of key construction documentation and contractors

The Assure HSE contractor management module allows for the management and completion of all the relevant documentation under the Construction, Design and Management Regulations.

Our HSE CDM tool features editable question sets and can be tailored to fit current business processes in line with the CDM regulations. The ‘Approved Supplier & Contractor List’ sub module assists with the management and maintenance of evidence information, such as insurance compliance and training compliance of employees. This safety management software module is critical to maintaining your contractor relationships and their involvement in your health and safety projects.

Our health and safety management system users have 24/7 access to establish whether liability insurances are up to date before access. Notifications of the project enable the HSE management team to keep track of appointed clients, designers, CDM co-ordinators, principal contractors and contractors. The HSE contractor management module provides one place to manage your contractors and ensure their compliance within staff training initiatives if required.

Attachments can be included: liability insurance certificates, photographs, video footage, and other documents. Our health and safety management software also provides action management process and record approval in addition to giving users a full audit trail at the bottom of each record.

Record every change to prove compliance. Adhere to standards with an automatic and comprehensive audit trail. The Assure health and safety risk assessment software module maintains a list of every record change according to user, date and time of each change. This ensures visibility, proof and control.

Access to the HSE contractor management module can also be provided to clients and contractors via the Assure Portal to view live safety information ensuring users can see the most recent versions.

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Available as part of the integrated Assure solution

This module can be purchased as part of a larger Assure integrated health & safety management software solution
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