Why consistent, quality data is the cornerstone of a best-in-class safety program.

SHE Software consistent data in manufacturing

All U.S. organizations must comply with the regulations set by OSHA.  However, organizations that have a world class safety program go far beyond abiding by these OSHA rules.  Companies that view safety as a core business function and not just a regulatory task are proactive in driving functions that prevent incidents, not reactive in responding to incidents when they occur.  Every world class safety organization regardless of industry, size, or location has one thing in common – reliable data.  Only if you have data that is correct, current, complete, timely, and accessible will you be able to be proactive in your safety management.

From our experience, many organizations have safety management systems that utilize forms, spreadsheets, and stand-alone databases to collect and manage data.  Having these multiple systems, often times in multiple locations, makes it impossible to gather the reliable data that every organization must have to be truly safe.

To highlight how you can use technology to gather the reliable data you need to make your workplace truly safe, we are hosting an informative 20-minute webinar.  This session will cover the most common issues we see that can prevent you from getting quality data.  We will then show how technology can be used to overcome these roadblocks.  Aimed specifically at organizations in the USA with limited prior experience of SHE Software, this webinar is complimentary and without obligation.

The webinar will run on 25th May at 10am Central.  Click here now to secure your place

Places are limited so please don’t hesitate to register should you wish to attend.