Exploring Your Needs

We consider that getting to know one another is an important part of your buying process – choosing Assure from SHE Software is the start of a long term relationship.

One of the fundamental building blocks of that relationship is making sure that we have a thorough understanding of your organisation and requirements so that we can jointly establish that there is a good fit. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer satisfaction and the last thing we want to do is discover during implementation that we can’t meet your expectations.

So, during your buying process, you can expect to spend time with our solutions architects. This ensures that we have a complete specification, you are confident about what you are buying, and the transition to implementation is seamless.

“One of the wonderful things about SHE is the customer service and it’s easy to introduce their solution into the company because of this.”

– Jaineba Johnson, Health & Safety Advisor, Custom Pharmaceuticals

“Working with SHE Software we were able to easily configure the software to identify our most ‘at-risk’ drivers. We used the software to manage driver training and this has resulted in an 80% decrease in vehicle accidents. This figure was so big I had to go back and double check it! Subsequently, we have reduced our insurance premiums.”

– Stuart Mann, Health Safety & Risk Insurance Manager, Spelthorne Borough Council

Understanding Your Business Case

When considering an investment decision, most organisations require a business case that sets out the benefits so that the outlay can be weighed against other priorities.

Making the case to introduce a health and safety solution can be difficult. Health and safety is not necessarily the highest priority – and in most cases will be considered a discretionary expenditure to be considered alongside many other spending priorities.

We have extensive experience in working with customers to develop their business case and can support you both to assemble financial return on investment calculations and to address wider considerations such as implementation risk.

Your SHE Software Business Development Manager will work with you to calculate Return on Investment and help create a draft business plan for you to adapt to your purposes.

Supporting You in Implementation

In many ways, buying the software is the easy part. Software does not solve anything unless it is embraced by your organisation. So, whilst we are naturally experts in how to configure and deploy Assure to meet your technical specification, we also bring experience and insight to the wider set of challenges you may face – in particular how to design an implementation programme that engages your people.

In our experience, it is impractical to specify in detail and up front exactly what you would like a solution to do, how it will work, etc. Additional ideas and options inevitably emerge during the implementation process.

Because our solution relies on a high level of configurability rather than customisation of the underlying code, our approach to implementation is unusually flexible. We iterate with you to develop and test with actual users in order to get their feedback and to tweak the solution accordingly.

Given this hands on approach to implementation, you will automatically become familiar with our configuration tools. In addition, we will run a series of training workshops with system administrators and users.

As you would expect, we employ a robust set of implementation tools and processes to ensure success (project charter, plans and timescales, risk register, issue log, etc.).

“Since implementing the SHE solution, safety information and data management is so much easier. We wanted a system that allowed us to collate and monitor real time events and we certainly have achieved it. As a group, it’s great to have visibility of what’s going on, and efficiency has definitely improved.”

– Garry Weatherhead, Group Environmental Health Manager, Palmer & Harvey

“I think one good thing about it is that they take our feedback and actually improve the system. They actually listen to us.”

– Grace Kelly, Safety Health Environment & Quality Manager, Sierra Support Services Group

A Solution For The Long Term

A central element of your partnership with SHE Software is an assurance that Assure will grow with your organisation as your needs develop – whether it be adding functionality with additional modules, adjusting your configuration, or taking advantage of the new features that we continually develop.

Updates to your hosted solution happen regularly and behind the scenes. Assure has evolved over a period of 17 years guided by our dialogue with experts across our customer base and User Group. We constantly update our solution to meet latest regulations, add new features and take advantage of useful changes in technology.

We are committed to keeping our support and development teams in-house, enabling us to provide you with expert, integrated and friendly support. This is highly valued by our customers: 95% renew with us every year.