Don’t play the hazard card when it comes to health and safety

The risks and consequences when it comes to health and safety are very real:

· 137 workers were killed at work in 2016/17*

· 30.4 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury*

· 1.3 million working people are suffering from a work-related illness*

· Fines up to £10m and custodial sentences for breaches under Sentencing Guidelines*

Are you confident that your current health and safety management system ensures you are 100% compliant?

Managing multiple systems, databases and spreadsheets across different sites makes it difficult to work to an agreed standard.

Often this results in ‘fingers crossed’ compliance.

Health and safety is not a game of chance – shuffle and flip the cards to see what is at risk and how you can protect your organisation.



Take a turn at shuffling our hazard cards…

Find out what risks you could be facing and how to protect your organisation.

We understand that effective health and safety compliance is not always straightforward

We understand that effective health and safety management is not always easy due to a number of factors:

Time: Around 20% of a health and safety professional’s time is spent duplicating content and running manual reports.

Visibility: Lack of visibility when managing multiple systems could be affecting your compliance status.

Inefficient systems: Compiling reports from a number of different systems and platforms can increase potential for error and misinterpretation.

Claims: Claims are not always covered by insurance and new Sentencing Guidelines have increased repercussions for breaching guidelines.

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Making the smart choice with Assure

With our health and safety software solution, Assure, you can manage health and safety with the confidence that you are in control.  

Cleverly designed to keep the user experience simple, Assure provides an easily accessible way to track, manage and report on health, safety and compliance across your organisation whilst helping to reinforce a positive and inclusive safety culture.  

Offering exceptional configurability, our health and safety software grows with your business needs.  

Benefit from peace of mind that your business is compliant with health and safety legislation and standards of best practice, including HSG65, BS OHSAS 18001, RIDDOR and ISO14001 and adherence to future standards including ISO45001.  

Featuring multilingual functionality, customers can choose from 9 main health and safety modules with 83 sub-modules.

Key ways in which Assure will benefit your organisation

· Speaks your language. Configure Assure to match your internal processes. Change captions, set default values and specify mandatory fields. Create question sets, configure your risk matrix and add your corporate logo.

· Matches your structure. Create as many organisational units as you need, linked in unlimited levels to mirror your organisational structure.

· Simplifies user management. Collate users into groups with common security privileges and define read/create/ delete access for any group and at any level of your organisational structure. Set specific records as confidential.

· Reports your information. Use comprehensive, preconfigured management reports to show industry standard KPI’s and metrics. Build customised reports – select the fields, format and multiple filters (e.g., timeframe, organisational level, severity). Export to Word, Excel, HTML or PDF, or link your data directly to Excel.

· Displays your performance. Configure multiple graphs and tables in the user specific dashboard in each module to instantly display KPI’s personally relevant to you.

· Delivers your information when you need it. Create, for each module, custom email notification templates to send when records are created or edited or when RAG rating changes.

· Easily identifies important items. Configure status ratings to automatically categorise records as Red, Amber or Green. Define notifications to be sent to different groups to alert them to the seriousness of a situation.

· Ensures accountability. Assign actions from anywhere in the system; notify by email; remind and escalate; track with action tracker.

· Involves everyone in the organisation. Share policy, guidance and risk assessment documentation through the portal. Capture safe/unsafe acts, near misses or any other type of information though configurable forms available to anyone with a web enabled device.

· Ensures data integrity and assurance. Track every action in the system log: know when a change was made and by whom. Use record approval to maintain quality of data.

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