incident management

  • Effective accident and incident management reports to reduce incidents costs, claims and disruption
  • Our HSE accident reporting module protects organisation reputation
  • Report information across the organisation
  • Benchmark and compare incident data
  • Improve action tracking and incident prevention
  • Deliver instant and automatic reporting
  • Improve the effectiveness of action management
  • Provide instant visibility of organisation wide incidents via user specific dashboard
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Available as part of the integrated Assure solution

This module can be purchased as part of a larger Assure integrated health & safety solution
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Our HSE accident reporting software module handles all incidents from slips, trips and injuries to environmental spills and vehicle specific incidents. It also provides a comprehensive set of accident and incident management tools for documenting, reporting and investigating HSE related incidents.

When an incident occurs, gathering as much information, as quickly as possible is key to reducing recurrence. The HSE accident reporting module generates automatic email notifications to managers, enabling them to provide everyone involved with key information on what actions need to be taken immediately. Thereafter, further action can be taken to reduce the risk of recurrence and change the accident and incident management process immediately by eliminating, reducing, isolating or controlling the hazard.and provides automatic notification and escalation of overdue tasks. With a customer specific organisational structure, configurable pick lists and automatic RIDDOR reporting, the HSE accident reporting module improves accident and incident management processes across your organisation.

All incident data is held in one place, accessible to authorised personnel at any location. Unlike paper-based reporting and accident books, the data can be used to generate reports identifying incident trends without further work and potential mistakes through copy errors. The HSE accident reporting module enables users to easily attach and securely store supporting documents, policy and pictures.

The health and safety management team can report with confidence using the built in accident and incident management reports with the certainty that all the information necessary to reduce costs, penalties, litigation and risk to the organisation is available quickly. This is ensured through automatic production of lost time, AFR (Accident Frequency Rate), AIR (Accident Incident Rate) and ASR (Accident Severity Rate).

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