Mobile App With Offline Capability

Although our safety management solution, Assure, can be accessed via any web-enabled device simply using a web browser, the Assure Mobile App is designed to enhance the interface for access via mobile devices.

The Assure Mobile App allows you to take advantage of the touch interface and all the other functionality and tools that users of smart phones and tablets have become accustomed to.  The App provides seamless access to camera and GPS – allowing you to take pictures and video with location information embedded by the device while you are on the move.  These multimedia files are then automatically linked to the record(s) you are completing.

The App replicates functionality that is available in the Portal Module and makes it available for full offline use  with complete synchronisation once a web connection is re-established.  The App can be used to complete risk assessments, audits, incident reports, etc., in the field without having to worry about network coverage.

You can see the Assure Mobile App in action by viewing the videos on the right. They demonstrate some typical uses for the App and will provide you with an idea of how Assure Mobile could assist your business in reducing the time and resource required to maintain compliance.

We have some sector specific videos of the Assure Mobile App in operation forLocal Authorities, Housing Associations and Education Providers, just click the corresponding sector to view.