People Training Management Software

People & Training Management Software Module

Includes the following sub-modules:

  • Person Register
  • Employment History
  • TNA Course / Component
  • Training Records
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • TNA Templates
  • Health Surveillance
  • Driving Licence Details

The Assure People & Training Software module allows users to quickly and easily identify training gaps or training requirements and document training records.  Training needs templates can be created for each role and applied to individuals fulfilling that role.  Dedicated reports provide a quick visual overview of training status.

The People & Training software module is also where you can record health surveillance records and driving licence details.

Attachments can be added to all templates allowing the creation of a complete record and CPD profile for each member of staff.

  • Gives visibility of training levels at a glance
  • Reduce the cost of managing training information
  • Simplify training needs management
  • Identify trends and gaps
  • Our safety management software module sets reminders for training and health tests
  • Single source for all training related documents
  • Save time and reduce duplication of effort through sharing of information
  • Identify key areas and manage actions in one place
  • Audit trail maintained for every record to ensure compliance

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Well trained people make the difference between ordinary and exemplary

The SHE Software People & Training Management module gives managers the tools to identify training needs that will ensure the required company training standards are met. This safety management software module includes details on training records, employment history, training needs analysis, health surveillance and driving licence details. It also provides a complete people management system by linking HR data with training records, gap analysis and reports with incidents and safety risk assessments.

Never miss a review and make sure training is renewed on time. Every record automatically gets a review date to help you to effectively manage the review process. View and filter all records through the scheduled review module and using the action manager, assign the renewal to another user. Our safety management software enables you to automatically notify them with email reminders and escalates if not completed within the specified time scale to ensure compliance.

Easily identify where training is needed to ensure compliance. Produce unique training profiles for staff members to show training has been received or is due for renewal ensuring that resources are properly and effectively utilised. Our safety management software enables training records to be approved by an authorised user and associated tasks can be tracked with the built in action manager. All documentation, including training certificates can be stored with the record proving staff have been given the training required to perform their jobs safely.

The SHE Software health and safety management software produces a training matrix report that shows where staff are compliant, due for renewal, non compliant or where training is not required. This highlights the gaps in training knowledge and skills that may need immediate attention.

Include training records from online health & safety management e-learning partners. SHE Software have partnerships with a number of E-Learning providers which can update directly to Assure making training information available quickly and easily through a single source.

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Available as part of the integrated Assure solution

This module can be purchased as part of a larger Assure integrated health & safety management software solution
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