Health and Safety Manager, Devro (Scotland) Ltd

Why did you need to source a new safety management system?

We did not have a coordinated approach to conducting risk assessments. Numerous forms were circulating within the organisation, which caused confusion as employees were unsure of the correct procedures. No central easy access point for this information existed making it difficult for people to share information. As a result, the administrative burden involved in managing all the paper forms was huge.

Why did your organisation choose SHE Software as their supplier?

We chose to implement SHE Software as they had longevity of experience and their solution was mature with a pedigree track record of providing quality health and safety management systems.

What return on investment and benefits have SHE Software provided?

The system is now available to all our engineering managers who use existing risk information to create new specific assessments. These are checked in real time, online by the health & safety department to ensure they are adequate. The system tracks actions and reminds assessors to review within a given timescale, ensuring none of our assessments are out of date.

We have seen a vast improvement in the standard and availability of risk assessments and the administrative burden has significantly decreased by converting to electronic forms.

SHE has helped increase awareness and improved our safety culture by giving line management the tools to take responsibility for health & safety. We have increased use of the system to include reporting incidents and performing audits