risk assessment

Identifying and mitigating risks is a key component of safety management.  Utilising a simple, yet comprehensive, risk assessment framework, Assure’s risk management module gives users across your entire organisation the tools to identify, assess and manage risks relevant to their activities.  Templates, risk matrices and workflow can be tailored to complement your existing methods and procedures.

    Use Assure health and safety risk assessment software to

  • Reduce risks in the workplace and the associated costs
  • 5-step easily integrates into existing policy & process
  • Share approved risk assessments to ensure competence
  • Captures information in real time across the organisation
  • Save time and reduce duplication through sharing of information
  • Identify hazards and improve control measures
  • Maintain a full audit trail
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Available as part of the integrated Assure solution

This module can be purchased as part of a larger Assure integrated health & safety solution
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Submodules in the risk assessment module

  • Project risk assessment
  • Activity risk assessment
  • COSHH assessment
  • MSDS
  • DSE assessment
  • Manual Handling risk assessment
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Noise risk assessment
  • Hazard Spotting
  • Custom risk assessments

Functionality in the risk assessment module

  • Follow the 5-step health and safety risk assessment approach to provide an easy to read and accepted format to share assessments with all staff
  • Ensure assessments are recorded and reviewed on time and without fail. Every record in the risk assessment module automatically gets a review date, which automatically triggers email reminders to notify individuals of due assessments and manage escalation if action is not taken within the specified time scale.
  • Manage record approval and assign actions and track to completion
  • Publish health and safety risk assessments via the Assure Portal module so that they are available to all staff
  • Configure your personal risk assessment dashboard to display the information most important to you
  • Monitor compliance across your organisation.  Publish the number of risk assessments completed in the current month and year by location to enable risk assessment teams to focus company resources in the right areas.
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail to ensure visibility, proof and control: the Assure health and safety risk assessment software module maintains a list of every record change, recording the user, date and time of each change.

Benefits provided by risk assessment module

  • Fewer accidents through better risk assessment and appropriate mitigation.
    • Accidents carry direct costs: employees take time off; equipment gets damaged; business is disrupted by shut downs; claims are made; fees for intervention (FFI) may be charged by the HSE
    • Accidents also carry large indirect costs: resources diverted to incident investigation and managing claims; damage to reputation; impact on morale; high personal costs of emotional stress
  • Better claims management by being able a fast and robust response to “no win no fee” style claims that demonstrates that an appropriate and up to date risk assessment is in place.  (A full response will include supporting information from other Assure modules such as proof that staff are trained, assets are maintained, contractors are qualified, the system has been audited, etc.)
  • Lower insurance premiums as a result of the above
  • Lower administration costs by reducing time spent re-entering data; reworking incorrect records; searching for information; updating documents; manual reporting; chasing actions.


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