Health Safety Management Portal Software

Portal Module

  • Unlimited user access to the Assure health & safety management software solution
  • Unlimited customisable forms to capture safety information
  • Report incidents, near misses or hazards using one easy to complete form
  • Reduces time and administration across your organisation
  • View 5 step Risk Assessment Reports and other reports include COSHH, MSDS, GHS, Manual Handling and Noise
  • Enables quick creation of hazard or incident data
  • Share Approved Supplier/Contractor information to ensure Liability Insurances are up to date prior to site access
  • Easy access, quick and simple to use!
  • One place to share best practice, policies, guidance and method statements for the entire organisation
  • Multiple Portals also available for Multi sites

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Available as part of the integrated Assure solution

This module can be purchased as part of a larger Assure integrated health & safety management software solution
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Our HSE Safety Management Portal software module is a managed unlimited gateway to Assure without utilising licences, enabling you to drive safety efficiency and improve safety culture within your organisation

Access to the main Assure health & safety management system is via named user licences. Typically these users will be supervisors, managers or health and safety professionals. However, most organisations would like to enable all employees to:

  • View published health and safety documents such as risk assessments, training documents or policies
  • Report incidents, hazards or near misses quickly, simply and easily
  • Conduct workplace Inspections
  • Complete Assessment templates – for example annual DSE assessments

Our solution for this is Portal, which provides unlimited user access to the system on a restricted basis to review information, conduct audits or report incidents or hazards – there are no restrictions on numbers of users or limits to the number of users accessing the system at any one time. By using multiple portals, different information and forms can be made available.

All Staff and contractors are able to report, view and complete health and safety management information easily. A user friendly menu provides the options made available whether to report, view or complete safety documents.

Report: Incidents, near misses or hazards can be reported using one easy to complete form with our HSE software portal. Once saved, the secure information will activate an email to the responsible manager(s). Reporting through the Assure Portal is quick as a result of the uniform drop-down menus and eliminates paper. The incident can then be efficiently managed through to investigation and final close off.

View: The Assure Portal provides access to 5 step risk assessment reports, with further access to other reports including COSHH, MSDS, GHS, Manual Handling and Noise. Organisations can share approved supplier/contractor information to ensure liability insurances are up to date prior to site access. Our HSE software Portal provides a live library for documents, policy guidance and method statements, effectively making it an informative health and safety management company noticeboard.

Complete: Share assessment templates such as DSE, Fire and bespoke assessments for all staff to complete. Once saved, the safety management system will automatically notify a specified manager/s by email, prompting a review of the assessment and actions if required.

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