Addressing Your Needs

You said “The complexity of our organisation means we struggle to keep abreast of what is going on”


Assure from SHE Software: brings all of your information together in one place:

  • from risk assessments to incident investigations
  • from asset inspections to training records
  • from key documents to supplier information

Your information is hosted in the cloud, accessible from anywhere via any web enabled device so a new event can be recorded immediately. You can even create a record offline and add it to the system when connectivity is re-established.

Assure presents your information in a simple to use format with powerful search and filtering tools along with a wide range of dashboard and reporting options.

Related records can easily be linked – for example an incident investigation might link to an incident report, risk assessment, asset inspection records, audits, training records, etc.

Comprehensive action tracking ensures that you can follow activities through to completion, while alerts provide reminders and flag issues to be addressed.

As a result you are able to maintain a complete and integrated view of what is going on.

You said “Time spent firefighting inefficient processes prevents us promoting proactive health and safety”


Assure from SHE Software transforms your management of health and safety

Highly configurable to map your existing processes (or re-design them), Assure frees up time for you and your users in multiple ways:

  • Because the solution is available anywhere, online or offline, there is no need to record anything twice.
  • One activity or record in the system can be easily tracked through to another
  • Comprehensive search and filtering helps you find what you need quickly
  • Configurable reports are available at the touch of a button
  • Alerts are generated automatically against overdue actions or other events
  • Integration with other systems (e.g., HR) so that you don’t have to enter information twice
  • All of your key documents are up together in one place

All of this frees up valuable time to take a proactive approach. Assure helps you to establish a health and safety culture because you can put simple tools in everybody’s hands and communicate key messages.

No longer perceived as a burden, with Assure, managing health and safety becomes a positive business process.

You said “We struggle to share information and track activities: this undermines our safety culture”


Assure from SHE Software delivers information where and when needed, helping you to engage everybody in health and safety.

For example:

  • An employee reporting an incident on their mobile phone can be updated with progress reports on the actions taken
  • Senior management can access summary dashboards and receive rich reports
  • A health and safety professional can filter and interrogate data to spot trends and identify corrective actions
  • A supervisor can be alerted to a newly reported incident and investigate quickly (perhaps adding photographs) while the situation is still fresh
  • A maintenance engineer can use a QR code to access the latest risk assessment on their tablet and make sure they are fully briefed about the job at hand

Assure is completely configurable to capture your terminology, categorization, workflow and organisation structure. As a result, safety becomes “part of the job”, making a positive contribution to overall performance.

You said “We suffer avoidable incidents and struggle to defend claims even when we are not at fault”


Assure from SHE Software provides a comprehensive means to record, investigate and draw and share lessons from incidents, while making it easy to assemble the information required to defend claims.

Configurable workflows allow you to:

  • Put the reporting of incidents and near misses in everybody’s hands via any internet enabled device, online or offline
  • Trigger immediate alerts so that further evidence can be assembled while the event is still fresh
  • Conduct in depth investigations that link various factors such as training, asset inspections, risk assessments and audits
  • Track costs, spot trends, draw and communicate lessons learnt
  • Manage related claims

As a result, Assure customers deliver improved safety, avoiding injuries, reducing costs and enhancing reputation.

You said “We can’t be sure we are compliant”


Assure from SHE Software provides you with the means to manage conformance and the tools to demonstrate compliance

  • Configurable workflows in Assure define the processes to be followed ensuring consistency across your organisation
  • Assure stores a complete set of information in one place and maintains a full audit trail to ensure data integrity
  • Tasks, alerts and reviews can be configured to remind and escalate actions or alert about out of date records
  • RAG (red/amber/green) ratings provide a visual alert to issues that require attention
  • Comprehensive reporting provides you with a bird’s eye view of the status of all activities across your organisation

As a result, you can be confident in providing assurance to senior management that all required measures are in place and are well positioned to avoid regulatory action and defend your organisation against prosecution.

Perhaps more importantly, health and safety is making a valuable contribution to a well-managed business.

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