Dematic Case Study
The ease of use and accessibility of Assure for us, is a huge plus. Our employees in remote locations, often with limited connectivity can still complete safety actions and report in real-time, on-the-go without any need for duplication.

-Adrian Garbett, Environment, Health & Safety Manager, Dematic


  • Reduce time and resource spent manually collating safety reporting.
  • Increase visibility of safety performance across the workforce.
  • Improving employee accessibility to company health and safety information.


  • Streamlining safety management: Easily accessible and simple to use, encouraging user uptake and improving reporting levels.
  • Reports safety information:Pre-configured management reports easily generated to show company KPI’s and metrics.
  • Visibility and control: Providing clear visibility of trends, non-conformances and effective close-out of corrective actions.


  • Time and resource spent on reporting reduced by 75%.
  • Real-time visibility of safety performance and compliance status.
  • Over 50% increase in the reporting of safety observations over a two-month period.

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