Comprehensive, Stand Alone, Customisable Audit and Inspection Management Solutions

SHE eQ is a web based solution for delivering pre-prepared QSHE questionnaires to Auditors and Inspectors, which are used to capture conformance related information on site, using a Smartphone or Tablet.  Once signed and approved, Rich Reports can be automatically generated and sent to pre-selected recipients in real time without any further action.

SHE eQ provides full management facilities, like Action Management and Escalation, tailors its view dependent on the user and provides access to data in a graphical format.  It can also integrate with third-party systems via web services.


    Use the SHE eQ audit solution to:

  • Work on or off-line from any location
  • Update audit questions instantly across all users
  • Add photos and signatures
  • Create planned Audits with automatic reminders
  • Automatically identify non-conformances
  • Assign actions to individuals with due-dates
  • Configurable escalation for overdue actions
  • Multi-lingual for international deployment

Fully scalable to dramatically reduce the number of Lost Time Incidents

SHE eQ is scalable by the number of sites and users. By implementing a cohesive Safe System of Work and making it readily available to everybody, no matter where they work, SHE eQ can help to ensure that best practice is implemented, across the enterprise, at all times. This, in turn, can lead to a significant reduction in the number of injuries.

 Store all your data in one, secure, central location

All SHE eQ data is stored centrally, to give a single point of control. This enables organisations to ensure that there is only one version of a document published at any one time and to enforce corporate standards across the enterprise, as well as ensuring robust policy and access management. SHE eQ templates can be tailored to individual requirements and customers have complete control over the day to day management of the system. A built-in business intelligence application allows data to be analysed on a company wide basis.

 Cut Audit times by up to 40%

Working with a paper based system is time consuming and inefficient. By supplying Auditors, Inspectors and Surveyors with centrally managed questionnaires, delivered to a Smart Device, they can generate Audit and other reports whilst they work and automatically despatch them to key decision makers once they are approved. They can work on or off line and even add Photos, Actions and Signatures.

 Cut the time taken to produce a Safe System of Work by up to 60%

Producing a Safe System of Work, particularly for a large project, can be a daunting task, as there are hundreds of Hazards and Control Measures to manage. With an automated system, to guide you through the process of implementing a Risk Control / Reduction Strategy and sophisticated functions, which enable you to re-use relevant data from previous jobs, you can reduce the preparation time by up to 60% and increase the control and management of information exponentially.