From shop floor to end product: The full health and safety package

Using innovative technology to make health and safety engagement simple and straightforward, Faerch is ‘manufacturing’ the benefits from increased resource and cost efficiencies, improved employee engagement and transparent reporting.

Find out how Faerch is using our health and safety software solution, Assure, to transform how health and safety is viewed, acted upon and reported.

“We firmly believe that everyone at Faerch should have a safety voice.” 

Faerch: Innovative Packaging Solutions Since 1969


A global leader in rigid food packaging, Faerch has 50 years’ experience in developing, designing and producing innovative, high-quality packaging for ready meals, fresh meat, and food-to-go. With sustainability a key priority, they lead in offering a fully recyclable food packaging solution for their customers.

The Group employs over 1300 employees across 12 manufacturing sites in Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic and Spain as well as multiple sales offices across Europe.


“Assure is very universally acceptable. Everyone has access, from the exec team to the shop floor. The data is there, the information is there, so it is very powerful in that respect.”


“Employees now have visibility that we are acting on issues reported and can track them to closure. They know we are being proactive and not just sweeping it under the carpet.”


“We have saved the equivalent of 39 days a month by eliminating manual processes.”

Resetting the Button on Health and Safety Management


Due to continued business growth, Faerch had outgrown the ‘traditional packaging’ of paper-based health and safety management and sought a more efficient technology-based solution, which would meet their health, safety and quality needs.

Across operations, they wanted to improve visibility, deepen engagement and better support a proactive culture where each employee has a safety voice. Faerch wanted to make it simpler for its workforce to engage with health, safety and quality to improve the speed at which reported events are acted upon.

The ability to harness everyday mobile technology to help refocus and promote positive internal behaviours was key. After all, health and safety doesn’t happen behind a desk, especially in manufacturing! 

Faerch brought in Assure from SHE Software with a very clear vision in mind - to put health, safety and quality into the hands of its employees by making it simple straightforward and accessible - so it is simply viewed as ‘the way things are done’.

Manufacturing a Proactive Culture


Assure is helping Faerch improve engagement and participation across its workforce by making health and safety accessible to everyone. The executive team, right down to the individuals on the shop floor, can access and report information via a desktop, laptop or mobile device.   

Accessibility and transparency has been key. By providing an easy, straightforward way to capture health and safety data, Faerch is encouraging employees to view health and safety as part of their daily role. This has sparked a significant improvement in the quality and volume of data now captured across the business. 

From moving to a technology-based solution, Faerch has also saved an average of 39 days per month through eliminating manual processes and admin. This time is now spent proactively managing health and safety and focusing more attention on leading indicators to drive positive improvements.

A Recipe for Success


Faerch know that health and safety is a journey but have built the foundations for success. They are fully committed to driving health and safety forward with the help of Assure: building it in to everything they do day-to-day, to make the workplace a safe and happy environment for everyone.

“We are proud to be leading the way, in how we manage health, safety and quality using innovative technology. However, we will never rest and will continuously strive to improve even further. As a company, we are committed to provide our workforce with the best tools to be successful, allowing them to focus more time on value-added SHQ activities.”

Case Study
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"As well as giving a voice to all of our staff, it is a great information point. They can access information on risk assessments, incidents, actions and best practice."

How Assure can help you take a fresh approach to health and safety management

With our health and safety software solution, Assure, you can effectively manage health and safety with the confidence that you are in control.

A simple, seamless way to record, track, manage and report on health, safety and compliance, Assure, supports a positive safety culture across your organisation.

We pride ourselves on building successful, long term, trusted relationships with customers. Your needs will evolve over time and so does our health and safety software, ranging from new functionality updates to meeting new regulatory requirements.

Unlike with bespoke or customised solutions, configuration tools are at your fingertips to adapt the solution to changes in your organisation and/or processes.

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