Owens Group Case Study
In a complex and demanding environment, the lives and the ongoing safety of our employees will always come first and SHE Software has proved to be core and central to this commitment.

– John Ireland, Health and Safety advisor for Forest Enterprise Scotland


  • Identify, resolve any health and safety risks to people at work and members of public.
  • Streamline health and safety performance management process to drive resource and cost savings across large organisational structure.
  • Improve visibility and reporting of data for senior management.


  • Flexibility: Real-time dashboards configured based on requirements with wide range of reporting options.
  • Comprehensive action tracking: Visibility through to completion, alerts provide reminders and flag issues to be addressed.
  • Driving efficiency: Accessibility from any web-enabled device with no duplicate entries required.


  • Management increased visibility over potential risks to reduce/ remove at an early stage, hopefully resulting in fewer serious incidents.
  • Enriched reporting and ease of access when recording, investigating and sharing lessons from incidents, supporting a proactive safety culture.
  • Improved defensibility from potential claims through better claims management.

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