Data Import for Bulk Updates

Use the Data Import tool to import data from other systems on a one-off or batch basis. Configuration tools allow you to map data from an input file (CSV format – i.e., an excel table) into fields in an Assure record in any module, importing complete records.

With a one-off data import you can migrate and consolidate data from legacy systems – this is usually done by SHE Software during initial implementation. The Data Import tool will automatically call a particular file from our Secure FTP server and update/add to the relevant records in Assure.

Integration Tools

Integration Tools

Real Time Updates from Other Systems

While the Data Import Tool can be used for overnight updates, our API enables our customers to update or insert Assure records from external systems on a real-time basis.

Data can be uploaded into Assure programmatically from a downstream system into Assure using our industry standard REST API.

We have extensive experience of API integration – commonly with the major HR solutions, but also with Asset Management solutions and Third-Party Providers. Our API can also be used to submit OSHA required records.