Malcolm Group Case Study
Visibility has been key, without the Assure software we wouldn’t have had sight of several near misses and incidents across the business. Assure has given us the confidence that we have the evidence in place through effective reporting to remain compliant and protect against any potential claims.

-Andy Rycroft, Group Health & Safety Manager, Malcolm Group


  • Improve visibility and reporting of health and safety performance across all sites.
  • Reduce administration time spent duplicating data entry.
  • Improve employee accessibility to increase local ownership and improve reporting of near misses and incidents as well as sharing of best practice.


  • Accountability: Easily accessible pre-configured and customisable management reports provide real-time safety performance information.
  • Data integrity and visibility: Dashboards configured to identify trends and accident hotspots. Tracking of every action in system log.
  • Driving efficiency: Accessibility from any web-enabled device with no duplicate entries required.


  • Significantly increased volume of near misses and incidents reported across all sites.
  • Eliminated need for double entry of information, significantly reducing administration time.
  • Policy, guidance and risk assessment documentation shared and accessed in one central place.
Malcolm Group Case Study

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