Owens Group Case Study
Assure removes the ‘smoky mirror’ effect from using an Excel spreadsheet. Health and safety data is now of quality standard and instantly accessible to stakeholders whenever it’s needed.

-Mike Colborne, Compliance, Safety and Training Manager, Owens Group


  • Replace an existing excel reporting system which was resource intensive and challenging to manage.
  • Standardise health and safety performance measurement.
  • Increase visibility, reporting and overall quality of safety data to reduce incidents and accidents across all employees, depots and warehouses.


  • Easily accessible: An intuitive consumer style interface, accessible from anywhere via any web enabled device so a new event can be recorded immediately.
  • Performance tracking: Powerful search and filtering tools including configurable graphs and tables in user specific dashboard which instantly display relevant KPI’s.
  • Data integrity and assurance: Every action in the system log is tracked: notifications of changes


  • Administrative re-work has been significantly reduced and double entry of data no longer required.
  • Enhanced visibility and reporting of health and safety performance to senior management.
  • Improved efficiency in the reporting of accidents and incidents, allowing the company to put in place early preventative measures to reduce potential risks.

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