"We are on a global mission to transform how health and safety is managed."

- Matthew Elson, CEO


About SHE Software

Our aim: to continuously develop a smarter approach to health and safety management. To help you improve compliance, boost efficiency and engage workers in a culture of proactive health and safety. And help make the workplace a safer place for everyone.



We apply technology to solve our customers’ health and safety challenges


For more than 20 years, we’ve been developing health and safety management software. Founded in 1995, we now have over 500,000 users across different business sectors. With our North American headquarters based in Chicago, we also have offices across the UK and New Zealand - so we truly are a global team.

From day one, we’ve tried to make the most of emerging technology and do things a little bit differently. Back in the mid-90s it was the concept of online. These days it’s the market-leading latest in health and safety Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

But our real power lies beyond the technical. It’s our commitment to solving customers’ health and safety challenges that sets us apart. We take a full-circle approach, collaborating with customers at each step of their health and safety journey – from the initial identification of business requirements, getting to know them and their business, implementing a tailored plan and working closely with them long term to help realise their health and safety ambitions.

Our team of technology experts are IOSH or NEBOSH (sometimes both) qualified and talk to thousands of health and safety professionals every year, which means they have an incredible overview of the challenges facing industry professionals around the world. They bring all of that insight to developing our Assure, health and safety software solution.

Meet the leadership team




Matthew Elson

Chief Executive Officer


“Successful leadership is building a team who believe in what they are trying to achieve and understand how each contribution is vital.”

Matthew acquired SHE Software in 2011. Following a spell as Chairman, he became full-time CEO in 2014. 

Matthew started his career as an engineer before moving into management consultancy – bringing strong commercial and leadership skills and strategic insight. 

His extensive executive experience includes time as CEO of ESR Technology and as Managing Director of Atkins Management Consulting division. 

Quick Fire Facts:

First job: Production Supervisor in a fish finger factory.

One word that describes you: Determined. 

Biggest health and safety no-no: Using a mobile handset while driving. The risks and potential consequences are enormous – I can’t understand why people do it. 

Favourite travel destination: India, without a doubt. I backpacked there for three months – so much history and so much humanity. 

Guilty pleasure: Kathy, my partner, will tell you it is chocolate!



Joe Harmon

Vice President, Product & Engineering


“Success isn’t owned. It’s leased. And rent is due every single day.”


Joe is SHE Software’s VP of Product & Engineering, and brings over 20 years of professional experience as a Product Manager and Agile Coach to the team. His focus has been leveraging Lean and agile methodologies to help companies transform their software development and delivery processes. 

Joe has a diverse background in technology, from training astronauts for NASA’s Spacelab to building IT back office systems for SaaS startups and global software companies. 

Quick Fire Facts: 

First job: Training astronauts as a Simulation Engineer with Teledyne Brown Engineering at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville Alabama.  

Biggest health and safety no-no: Viewing Safety as a set of metrics and not feeling a need to engage. Every injury incident has a name and a face. 

One word that describes you: Integrity.  

Favourite travel destination: Nicaragua – been blessed to serve with several service trips over the years. Part of my heart lives in Jinotega. 

Guilty pleasure: Cars…the need for speed. 



Kimberly Baker

Vice President, Talent


“My mission in life is about making a difference in others’ lives, helping them to reach their fullest potential and walking alongside them to discover what they were made to do.”

Kimberly joined SHE Software in 2018, and heads up the company’s talent management function, leading on talent, staff development and our culture.

With more than 30 years experience in leadership positions in HR, people and training, Kimberly brings a wealth of knowledge. She is passionate about helping others fulfil their ambitions through leadership development and coaching. 

Quick Fire Facts:

Favourite way to relax: Gardening, cooking, biking and kayaking with my husband, eight children and seven grandchildren. 

What health and safety means to you: A responsibility we should all own so that everyone gets to enjoy long fulfilling lives with their loved ones.  

One word that describes you: Adventurous.   

Guilty pleasure: Watching The Bachelor (while in the US) and Love Island (while in the UK).  

What would your superpower be? Reading other people’s thoughts – because I care about people and know that people can get stuck by thoughts that are clouding up their minds. 

Meet the management team



Ben Woodruff

Vice President, Global Sales


With the right resources, culture and data analytics health and safety teams can achieve extraordinary results.

Ben is VP of Global Sales and leads a team who work closely with businesses across the globe to understand their health and safety challenges – then deliver a solution that will improve their safety culture, performance and compliance.

He joined SHE Software in 2014, after spending a number of years working in the software industry. He originally joined as a Business Development Manager, before being promoted to Head of Business Development in 2017, Sales Director in 2019 and then to VP, Global Sales in 2021.

Quick Fire Facts: 

What is your biggest health and safety no-no: When management or executive teams, do not view health and safety as a driver for positive business change.

What one word describes you: Oh wow, Tenacious!

What is your favourite film: Bridesmaids.

What is your guilty pleasure: I am an Avgeek and I will leave that there.

What one thing could you not live without: Airpods – I never realised how useful they would be!


Chris Beaumont

Vice President, Marketing


Thinking creatively is not about thinking outside the box, but building your own box to stand out from the crowd.

Chris is Vice President Marketing and masterminds all marketing, public relations, events and business development activities across the globe. His main focus is to build SHE Software's reputation globally as the leading health and safety software provider, and develop new creative routes to market to meet acquisition and retention targets.  

Chris joined SHE Software in 2013, bringing over 15 years marketing leadership experience. In his previous role at BP, he worked on product development, creating a number of successful go-to-market strategies. He holds a Professional Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing. BSC Hons Management & Information Technology, UMIST. 

When not putting his creative brain to the test, outside work, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, young daughter and eating!

Quick Fire Facts: 

First job: Started in a large engineering company on a graduate scheme.

Biggest health and safety no-no: ‘Zero’ initiatives driving reporting of health & safety incidents underground.

One word that describes you: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

One thing you could not live without: My family.

Guilty pleasure:  Whisky…and Coronation Street…although not together!


Debbie Andrews

Vice President, Finance


“Maintaining a focused vision and foresight is important, however you also need to step back and look at the ‘bigger picture’ to find the less obvious opportunity.”


Debbie joined SHE Software in 2016 and heads up the company’s financial functions. She has a strong background in finance and financial management, having begun her career with KPMG. During her time there, she held several senior roles in Audit and Insolvency, before moving to Texas Instruments Inc as a Finance Business Partner. 

Not one for just crunching numbers, Debbie is the one who proactively asks the probing questions, drills into the analysis to recommend a plan of action to make sure the company stays ahead of where it needs to be.

Quick Fire Facts:

First job: I started my career on the graduate scheme at KPMG, working in Audit.  

Biggest health and safety no-no: People thinking health and safety is not important enough or ‘not my job’ – it should be part of everyone’s role.  

One word that describes you: Organised – in work and at home!  

Favourite travel destination: New York – no matter how many times you visit, there is never enough time to see everything.  

Guilty pleasure: Watching Friends on repeat. Even though I have all the DVDs, I will still watch them on TV whenever they are on! 


Simon Cooke

Strategic Alliances Manager


I love delivering greater value in providing solutions to help organisations with the challenges of managing health and safety issues.

Simon joined SHE Software in 2016 and manages our global strategic alliances and partner channels. He has over 20 years’ experience in the health and safety sector, first as a service and consultancy provider then delivering software solutions to improve compliance, and visibility and control over risk.

He works with existing partners to help them generate new opportunities within their client base around Assure. The rest of his time is spent building new relationships across Europe, the US and APAC.

Quick Fire Facts: 

Biggest Health and safety no-no: Disproportionate application of H&S guidance that doesn’t balance risk with practicality and thereby turns people off to safety and may have the opposite effect to that intended!

One word that describes you: Pragmatic!

Favourite travel destination: Anywhere camping with my family. 

Your guilty pleasure: Pies, sausage rolls, pasties, anything enveloped in pastry.




David Foley

Vice President, Customer Success


“Being an integral part of our customers health and safety strategy is a privilege we value.”

David joined SHE Software in 2017, bringing a diverse background spanning sales, operations, change management and fundraising – mostly in financial services.

With 20 years of people-focused professional experience, David’s role centres on ‘best in class’ Customer Success, as delivered by a team of global Project Managers and National Trainers. His team focus on building long-term sustainable customer partnerships.

Quick Fire Facts: 

First job: I worked in the Court of Session as a QC’s clerk – in other words, an errands boy.

Biggest health and safety no-no: Health and safety viewed by employees and management as being ‘just red tape’ when it’s not!

What is the one thing that you couldn’t live without? My family.

Favourite film: Angels & Demons.

What is at the top of your bucket list? To be able to play an entire Claude Debussy piano solo.

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