SHE Software Whiskey booth at NSC
SHE Software Team Dinner
SHE Software CEO Matthew Elson Interview
SHE Software Panel Presentation with Lauren Fraser and Julian Taylor
SHE Software Stage Presentation by Julian Taylor
SHE Software Halloween Costume Contest
SHE Software Partner Manager Simon Cooke with MakeUK representative
SHE Software employee Mat Wallis with IOSH Qualifications
SHE Software CEO Matthew Elson with Award
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SHE Software USA team
SHE Software Manchester Team
Birthday Cake!
SHE Software USA team at conference
SHE Software USA team out and about in Chicago
SHE Software employees in training
More SHE Software employees in training
SHE Software team watching the Padres in San Diego before NSC 2019 Expo
We enjoy finding new whisky bars!
San Diego Skyline by night during after NSC 2019 Expo
Our kind of bar!
The end of another great NSC expo
Who said you can’t look cool on a scooter!
Our Chicago office is in there!
Downtown Chicago, home to our US headquarters


Join a growing team. Make a positive change. 


Making the workplace a safer place.  It’s a big task, and we need big thinkers to help us achieve this ambition. We’re are a team of innovators, creative thinkers and trailblazers at SHE Software and we are always looking for even more brilliant, passionate people to help us reach the next level.

Our US Headquarters is in Chicago, but we’ve got opportunities across the globe.

Our people make us. That’s why we place such great importance on all the important stuff you want from a job: career growth, a supportive working environment, generous holidays and a real commitment to work/life balance.

Come and join us.



Come and join us

In our own words


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the team say about working at SHE Software. 

Matt McQueen

Software Developer

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Jenna Appel

Business Development Representative

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Andrew Thomson

Software Test Engineer

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Lauren Fraser

UX/UI Designer

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A team with values


At the heart of everything we do is a simple set of values. These guide and inspire us – and help us keep our team moving in the right direction, together.



As we drive towards our goal, we amplify our efforts by proactive communication and collaboration. There is no limelight here; humility and a readiness to learn sets us apart and we admit mistakes freely and openly.

We're clear, succinct and friendly in our communication, and we view colleagues as collaborators rather than competitors. We're all working together towards the same goal and succeed together.


We welcome feedback and work with our customers to find the best solutions, communicating what we can and can't do openly and honestly.

As we listen to our customers, we feed back to our colleagues to ensure our company continues to be characterised by a deep and unswerving commitment to our customers.


Customers are our sun and our values, like planets, revolve around them. They're our centre, a constant source of gravity which guides our movements.

Our internal conversations and interactions are characterised by constant consideration.


Customers are the core of our success. We diligently seek to understand their needs, avoiding assumptions in favour of listening deeply, frequently, and with curiosity.

At all stages of their interaction with us, we work hard to earn trust and exceed expectations. We treat customers with respect and appreciation, the same way we wish to be treated.


We empower people to utilize their skills, knowledge and passion to their fullest. We encourage ownership and autonomy and instil trust in each team member's capability and potential. We're committed to continual development and support each other in achieving our personal shared goals.

Like jigsaw pieces, we all fit together to form the bigger picture, and empowering each individual to be successful ensures we all succeed.


We want our users to look like heroes in their business, and empower them with tools for success, cheering them on every step of the way. We help customers configure their solution to reflect their needs and support them as they improve Health and Safety outcomes through our product.


We don't settle for the obvious without exploring what's possible. We believe curiosity is better than convention and seek alternate perspectives.

Change and action are our default states. We are experimenters, trying new things and testing results. We are creators and innovators; we think and do things a little differently here.


We are thought leaders and use our expertise to provide our customers with an innovative Health and Safety management system.

We don't exist within a bubble; external awareness keeps us constantly pushing forward, driving ahead of the curve, and exploring new terrain.


We are characterized by authenticity and build sincere, genuine relationships. We are open, honest, and transparent; because we're a team of integrity we've got nothing to hide.

It doesn't matter whether someone is looking or not, our actions are the same.


Our commitment to honest and open communication with our customers is a differentiator, and creates a trust and credibility. We do the right thing, not the easy thing.

When we make mistakes we openly discuss and learn from them, ensuring we are continuously improving. We're ambassadors, always ethical and above board.


We set ambitious goals and strive to reach them, relentlessly pursuing excellence. We are not satisfied with mediocrity; but are tenacious and optimistic.

We are not here to play games, we're here to win. We hold ourselves to account; and believe that outcomes are more important than outputs.


Our customers' success is our success, and we prove our products' values by enabling customers to achieve improved Health and Safety outcomes through its implementation.

No one day is the same at SHE Software!



Life at SHE Software

At SHE Software, we’re on an ambitious journey, and we’re looking for some brilliant people to help us realise that ambition.

Our US Headquarters is in Chicago, but we’ve got opportunities across the globe.

We know our people are our strongest asset, and we offer amazing opportunities for career growth and a brilliant working environment with several key benefits, including competitive salaries, excellent paid vacations, and a real commitment to a flexible work/life balance.

Come and join us on our journey …

Health and well-being

  • Breakout areas and games corner
  • Trained mental health first aiders
  • Mindfulness programs
  • Weekly fruit deliveries
  • Dress for your day

We genuinely care

  • Flexible working patterns  
  • Job-share and part-time working options
  • Work-life balance
  • Benefit programs 

We won’t box you in

  • Pitch your ideas and be heard
  • Work on creative projects
  • Collaborate with other teams


  • Regular team social events
  • Get involved with charity fundraising
  • Team meals – we love to eat
  • Cake on your birthday

Health and well-being 

You don’t want to be sat in front of a screen all day and neither do we. Quite the opposite – we actively encourage you to get away from your desk if you need to. Socialize with colleagues in the breakout areas or get some headspace in our designated quiet areas.  

Get more active with our active runners, afterhours yoga sessions or just take advantage of free fruit deliveries. If that’s not your thing, then why not take on your team with regular FIFA and Mario Kart leagues in the games corner.  

And of course, there is a ‘dress for your day’ dress code after all why sit in a suit all day if you don’t need to! 

We genuinely care 

We know that life doesn’t fit a 9-5 schedule, so we don’t make it. We offer a range of flexible working patterns for flexible working hours, job-share and part-time working. Perfect to help you achieve a work/life balance. 

We won’t box you in 

We’re on an ambitious journey and we need creative people to help us get there. We actively encourage you to pitch your ideas on everything we do. There is no such thing as a silly idea here! 


We truly are a team here at SHE Software. And we love spending time together. That’s why you’ll often find that we are organising team events or getting involved with collaborative fundraising projects for local charities. 

We often break bread together for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and any other time we can find an excuse for food. There is even complimentary cake on your birthday too 



Our Roles

Devices with Insights graphs and Portal Menus


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We empower safety professionals to transition from a 'reactive' to a 'proactive' stance, where data can be analyzed and trends identified. 

This will allow your organisation to track leading indicators and predict where preventative measures will be most effective.

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