Better health and safety management, as standard.


Assure’s suite of modules supports your daily health and safety activities – from incident investigation and risk management, to contractor controls, to reporting and prioritization.

Assure comes with a core of standard features, integrated across all modules designed to help you adopt a proactive approach to health and safety management.






Assure Core: what you get





Create email notifications for all your modules to keep employees and contractors informed or prompt action when required.

template creation

Template Creation

Develop your own best practice and consistent templates to meet compliance obligations. 

people register

People Register

Get a complete view of your employees and contractors and link to relevant records such as training and actions in Assure modules.

action management

Action Management 

Create, assign and track corrective and preventative actions with a structured workflow, triggered manually or automatically.


Assure Mobile

Capture hazards and complete audits 24/7, onsite or off, empowering your entire workforce.  



Identify trends and track leading indicators with pre-configured, interactive dashboards then put preventative measures in place.


Project Controls

Assemble and review all health and safety activities and documentation for a given project.  


Document Library

Store health and safety documentation in one central location – categorized for easy retrieval and sharing.


Reviews and Approvals

Configure reviews and approvals with status updates to streamline the process and help you stay compliant.

configuration tools

Configuration Tools

Adapt Assure to match your processes and organization without complex coding or incurring additional costs.

Equipped with Assure, you have the tools to be a safety hero.

With a focus on adaptability, ease of use and actionable insights, Assure Core’s features deliver the power you need to reduce risk, track actions, improve data quality and empower your workforce.

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Report incidents. Gather insights. Improve performance.

Ensure health and safety is in your employees’ hands. Give everyone the power to report unwanted events immediately – anywhere, anytime.

With the Assure Incident module, your workforce is equipped with a comprehensive set of incident management tools to help them report, document and investigate health and safety incidents.

Improved reporting means more data. Interrogate submissions and generate easy-to follow trend visualisations.



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Simple, effective risk management.

Understand and simplify risk management with this one change: a centralised approach. Empower your front-line employees and contractors to report hazards, improve the quality and consistency of data captured, and direct resources to the highest priorities. 

The Assure Risk module provides flexible, mobile tools so the whole team can identify, assess and manage risks every day as part of the ‘day job’. It’s time to delegate risk management across your entire workforce.



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Consistent. Reliable. Auditable.

With Assure you can audit, check and inspect with confidence. Ensuring compliance with your health and safety management system is central to improving performance. Yet many organisations find the audit process resource-intensive and coordinating across multiple teams and locations challenging.

We make it simple. Design dynamic templates with intelligent features that mean only relevant questions are posed. Easily upload evidence and create actions for non-conformances or recommendations.



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Protect your greatest assets.

From trucks to tools – you need to track every last piece of equipment across your business. Without proper maintenance, they could pose a risk to employee safety, business operations and profitability. The Assure Asset module gives you complete visibility of maintenance, testing requirements and compliance on every item logged.

Identify upcoming registration, testing and inspection needs from one central location. By looking after your equipment, you’ll be looking after your greatest asset – your workforce.



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Encourage your team to put health and safety first.

Everyone agrees about the value of health and safety but engaging your workforce can be challenging. The solution: make it clear that health and safety is on the leadership agenda.

Conduct regular safety tours and reward positive behaviours, encouraging employees to report more diligently. With the Behaviour module, you can set a standard on how things should be done.



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Get to know your people.

People are always your most important asset. For larger organisations, tracking their skills, certifications and performance can be difficult.

The Assure People module helps you reduce the risk involved in people management. It makes it easier to check employees and contractors are trained in activities that pose a health and safety risk and confirm they have the accreditations or licenses needed.



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Safer contractor management.

While health and safety is core within your business, expectations and behaviours vary greatly for different contractors. The Assure Contractor module standardises your pre-qualification and management of contractors, so you don’t put your workforce or organisation at risk.

Share your policies and requirements, collect evidence of agreements and insurances, and make sure contractors follow your health and safety reporting process.



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Protect your reputation. Minimise risk.

Take proactive responsibility for your environmental impact and waste management. The Assure Environment module provides a range of forms to record, monitor, manage and audit your environmental compliance – including the use of waste sub-contractors.

Capture monitoring information and audit different parts of your organisation using a custom assessment that critically examines your environmental management system.



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Transform data into actions.

Move beyond standard weekly and monthly reporting to the world of fluid, accurate insights. Insights+ helps you to identify trends, track leading indicators and predict where preventative interventions will be most effective.

Effective health and safety management is not simply about tracking and recording – it’s about using that information to gain insights and take actions that make a positive impact.



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Real-time health and safety. Anywhere.

Efficient health and safety management can’t happen behind a desk. It needs to be out in the field. Assure Mobile enables employees and contractors to identify and report health and safety information at the point of work.

No waiting to get back to the office. Capture accurate information as it emerges and enable local teams to conduct audits, inspections or assessments. Promote a positive health and safety culture by making it easy for everyone to participate from any location, 24/7.


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