Simplify reporting for everyone


  • Report unwanted events at point of work, no matter where you are, with offline capability
  • Access simple visual aids that remove common barriers and increase incident reporting
  • Configure templates to include terminology your team understands, or add multimedia guidance to improve consistency
  • Automated acknowledgements help reinforce positive behaviors and develop a ‘you said, we did’ culture

Reduce admin to boost reports

  • Record it once. Avoid manual data re-keying from paper-based forms
  • Assign and track corrective actions to close-out with in-built action management tools
  • Tailor investigation processes to match your organizational requirements
  • Attach supporting evidence to every record, so it’s stored in one location for easy retrieval
  • Follow the approval process to generate evidence that incidents have been closed-out in line with best practice

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See the numbers behind the reports


  • Capture the costs of incidents using standard templates
  • Support claim defensibility with an effective process and a solid audit trail
  • Help reduce insurance premiums with robust processes and action management
  • Review easy-to-use dynamic dashboards of incident trends to make informed preventative decisions



Record and report all unwanted events.

Record and report any vehicle related incident.

Compile your data and pull together OSHA 301 and 300A reports.

Define your investigation method and compile evidence.

Manage information on current or settled claims.

Calculate reportable incidents and injury data.

Register your fleet with automated service.

You'll also get these great features as standard as part of our Core offering:


Assure comes with a core of standard features, integrated across all modules designed to help you adopt a proactive approach to health and safety management.

With a focus on adaptability, ease of use and actionable insights, Assure Core’s features deliver the power you need to reduce risk, track actions, improve data quality and empower your workforce.

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