Track training compliance


  • Know who can safely do what and minimize non-compliance risk across your organization
  • Efficiently track training requirements with automated notifications to prompt refresher training
  • Make it easier to prepare for audits by attaching training certificates to individual records
  • Set an automated process to digitally approve training records

Central coordination made simple


  • Generate reports on training records for people, roles or locations – in a few simple clicks
  • View individuals’ current training RAG status with alerts to highlight non-compliance
  • Create a training needs matrix to simplify planning of future training requirements and budgets
  • Control who can view personnel data in line with your organization's requirements and best security practices


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See the bigger picture


  • Identify competent employees by role, qualification, location and other qualities
  • Link with your HR and external e-Learning systems for a complete view of employees
  • Easily access all records linked to a particular employee and drill into individual records if needed
  • Schedule health surveillance checks to proactively manage exposure factors such as noise, vibration, solvents or fumes and routine testing like sight, hearing, drug or alcohol



Record details relating to performance or health and safety records for employees and contractors.

Store employment dates for all staff.

Record ad-hoc training activities and upload certificates.

Create job-specific templates listing all relevant training courses.

Create and build a course library to help staff develop.

Define and monitor training needs for individuals based on their job role.

Record licence details for employees and contractors.

You'll also get these great features as standard as part of our Core offering:


Assure comes with a core of standard features, integrated across all modules designed to help you adopt a proactive approach to health and safety management.

With a focus on adaptability, ease of use and actionable insights, Assure Core’s features deliver the power you need to reduce risk, track actions, improve data quality and empower your workforce.

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